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Wave Soldering Issues

Wave solder pallets are a solution to a problem, they should not be the cause of the problem. However, many engineers experience quality issues on a daily basis because their solder pallets have not been designed properly.

In the majority of cases, the solder pallet design is restricted due to the choice of material. Inferior quality materials or materials with poor mechanical strength lead to designs which can affect the production yields by creating quality issues.

Quality issues such as,

SHORTS / SOLDER BRIDGES                                           POOR HOLE FILL / PENETRATION


SKIPS / NO HOLE FILL                                                            SOLDER FLAGS


SOLDER BALLS / SPATTER                                                     POOR WETTING



Durostone® materials have superior mechanical properties and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures, such as those used in the lead-free soldering process. The material was developed to allow solder pallet designers create the best solutions for the PCB assembly industry.

Fabricators and End Users of Durostone® materials can have exclusive access to our Technical Resource which contains answers to many of the quality issues encountered in the industry and how to design a solder pallet to eliminate these issues.

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